NAS Plymouth Branch

 A branch of the National Autistic Society



NAS Plymouth Adult Asperger's, West Devon Autistic Women and Autism Plymouth Parents' Support Groups

Code of Conduct 


The spirit of this code of conduct is to enable all members to feel safe within the group and to help one another with areas of difficulty.  The intention is to reduce anxiety, so that all members feel respected.  We welcome members asking for help to participate in group meetings.



All group members should observe the following guidelines during in person and online meetings:


1. Treat all volunteers and branch members with respect, avoiding any physical, emotional, or verbal abuse or rudeness.

As we are a diverse community, offence can be unintentional. In such cases, a quick apology is generally acceptable. Any serious negative interactions that are unresolved can be taken to the branch chair or a committee member for mediation.


2. Confidentiality: Do not disclose information shared in trust during a meeting or other activity, to anyone outside the group, including the names or contact details of members.


3. If anyone feels a need to leave the room to unwind/calm down, etc. they may do so and be welcomed back unquestioned.  If you intend to leave the venue/meeting altogether please inform someone, if at all possible. As a group, we have a duty of care for your wellbeing and we will want to ensure you are okay. Therefore we reserve the right to follow-up with a brief communication to you if necessary, to ensure your welfare.


4. Treat all branch property (including the venues) with respect and care.


5. No illegal drugs or drunken behaviour is allowed at any NAS meeting or events.




If a branch member is found to disrespect the guidelines above they may be asked to leave the branch.

If a group member has concerns over the conduct of another member these can be raised with the branch chair or other committee member.



September 2020

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