NAS Plymouth Branch

 A branch of the National Autistic Society




The NAS telephone helpline gives confidential expert advice and support on autism:   Telephone  0808  800  4104


Their lines are open 10am-4pm from Monday-Thursday, Fridays 9am-3pm (excluding Bank Holidays).


The NAS website has tons of information on it, including

Benefit advice, including the new PIPs here:


Here are some resources we know of locally:

(Disclaimer: These are not all NAS recommended)


Smartphone Apps:


Brain in hand Autism support app; NAS funded - Good reports but it is quite expensive


2 online mental health support services from XenZone :


KOOTH  online counselling and emotional support for young people; it's said to be confidential and free (in Devon and Cornwall and many other areas of the UK)


QWELL - similar service for adults and carers, available 365 days a year until 10pm


Molehill Mountain - a fee app to help autistic people understand and self-manage anxiety, by locating your triggers and getting evidence-based daily tips.


Computer Game:

Overcooked - exciting Switch/PS4 game developed with/for gamers on the spectrum, for 1-4 players. May encourage co-operative play




Asperger’s Syndrome For Dummies (UK edition) by J.Gomez and J.Mason

"a complete guide to surviving and thriving with the condition"


Autism and Asperger Syndrome (The Facts) by Simon Baron-Cohen

This book is designed firstly for people with these conditions and their families


Understanding and Working with the Spectrum of Autism - an insider's guide by Wendy Lawson

(who is autistic herself)


Very Late Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) by Philip Wylie

about how it feels getting a diagnosis in later life, written from first-hand experience.


Asperger Syndrome in Adults (Overcoming Common Problems) by Dr. Ruth Searle


Aspergirls by Rudy Simone


Freaks, Geeks and Aspergers Syndrome  written by Luke Jackson from first-hand experience for adolescents.

Topics include bullying, dating, friendhsips, when to disclose your diagnosis etc and said to be useful for parents.


Asperkids by Jennifer Cook O'Toole  Awarded the 2012 Temple Grandin Award - for parents.

As a parent, a teacher and an Aspie herself, Jennifer Cook O'Toole provides an insider's look into how to help children on the spectrum by understanding how they think and using their special interests to promote learning.


The  Asperkids (Secret) book of Social Rules by Jennifer Cook O'Toole

- gives Asperkids (aged 10-17) respectful, funny insights written "for Aspies by an Aspie" Full of illustrations, logic and even a practice session or six (in comic strip form).


Local Leisure Activities:

Disclaimer : the NAS do not recommend activities run by other organisations

Do check details before you go, in case the info is out of date.



Plymouth VR Centre


A new virtual reality centre, based at Farraday Mill, which is autism friendly. It has dimmed light in the reception area and soft lighting in the VR rooms.


find them on Facebook or call 01752 205805 for more information


'Our Space'


Drama and confidence workshops run by the Theatre Royal at TR2 in Cattedown for adults with multiple or complex needs, mental health issues or social isolation.

Tel Plymouth 230 378  or email [email protected]


Me and My Friends


A group for young people (age 11+) who predominantly have ASD and ADHD although they will also take those with other forms of disabilities and learning issues.

For further details or to obtain a form you can contact either Sue Willcocks, senior professional youth worker on 01752 307643 or John Davies, senior youth support worker on 01752 307695.


Wednesdays, 5pm-7.15pm at Efford Youth Centre



A shop in central Plymouth which may run evening games sessions popular with people on the spectrum




a new football and multi-sport club for anyone aged 14+ with a disability.


Thursdays 4.45pm-6pm, £2 per session   -  or  book online for a reduced price.

For more information call Josh Grant, Health and Disability Office on 01752 562561 ext. 4 or email [email protected]



A-Team at Keyham Kolts


an autism football club at Devonport High School for children with autism and aspergers.


It's open to all levels of ability and engagement - all players can work at their own pace in a very supportive environment.


Contact Nicky Mawdsley on 07974 323921 or e-mail [email protected]



ADAPT Dance Class


ADAPT is a weekly dance class held at Plymouth School of Creative Arts for young people age 12-25 with and without disabilities.


The class aims to raise aspirations and confidence and offer participants the opportunity to develop skills in contemporary dance and choreography. Sessions are free and transport can be offered to and from the group for those that need it.


Sessions are every Friday during term time, 4.30pm-6.30pm.


For more information email [email protected]



Music Zone sessions for children with SEN


Music making activities for children aged 4-16 years with learning difficulties, ASD and special education needs.


To be eligible to access, your child should have a diagnosis of a disability and attend a special school or support centre or attend a mainstream school and have a severe or moderate learning disability with ASD or a complex physical disability.


Tuesdays 4-5pm during term time.


For more information and to book, please call Steve on 01752 213690 or email [email protected]


'Create' Plymouth Theatre Royal run movement and drama sessions 

for children 11 - 18 years old with autism/SEN and other disabilities for fun & to develop confidence at TR2, Cattedown on Tuesdays 5.30pm - 7pm, £35/term  Telephone Plymouth 230379.


Super Tramp Trampolining Support Sessions


Trampolining sessions for anyone aged 5+ with additional needs.

The park is closed to the public, there are a reduced number of bouncers, calming music is played and complimentary squash is offered.

Super Tramp run two support sessions during the week - Thursdays: 4-5pm and Saturdays: 5-6pm (session also open to siblings) - Cost £8 per session for 1 adult carer plus jumper.


National Marine Aquarium


'Quiet at the Aquarium' Sessions about twice a year. See their website for details.



Please let us know of any other good service you come across !